Types Of Damage Mold May Cause To Your Home

23 February 2022
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Mold is a problem that has the potential to cause widespread and serious issues for a home. While mold is an issue that can occur in almost any home, there are many individuals that are simply unaware of the full range of problems and damages that the mold will be able to create.

Poses Substantial Health Risks

A serious issue with mold growing in the home can contribute to health problems for those in the house. Exposure to large quantities of mold spores over a long period of time can lead to many health problems that range from acute lung infections or chronic respiratory distress. Promptly eliminating the mold from the house will be a necessary step to keep these damages from being able to contribute to these health issues.

Can Weaken And Rot Structural Components 

Mold can leave unsightly stains on the surfaces where it is growing, but it is also possible for the mold to eat away at drywall, wooden support, and other important structural components. As a result of this reality, mold is able to potentially cause significant structural issues for homes when it grows for long periods of time. Once the mold issue for the home has been fully mitigated, a structural assessment should be conducted to identify whether serious damage occurred that needs to be addressed.

Degrade Electrical And Telecommunications Systems In The House

Modern homes will have elaborate and complex electrical and telecommunications systems installed. The wiring that powers these systems can be degraded by long-term exposure to mold growths due to the moisture the mold can trap and the waste products that it may release. Unfortunately, these components can be extremely costly to repair. In addition to locating where the damage to these components occurred, it may be necessary to replace large sections of wiring and cabling. During these repairs, the power to the home may need to be disconnected, and while this can be disruptive, it may be an unavoidable step in restoring your home.

Mold is a remarkably destructive problem for a home to encounter. When this issue is left unchecked, it will have the capability of causing various types of expensive and widespread damage to a home. As part of the remediation process for this common issue, a homeowner will want to learn about the various ways that these colonies may have been able to damage their home. This can assist them throughout the mold removal process and the repair work that the house may require.