Be Prepared: What To Expect During A COVID 19 Commercial Disinfection Service

27 May 2021
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At the onset of the pandemic, many countries responded to the wide-spreading virus by issuing mandatory lockdown. Business owners were required to close down to break the chain of infection and prevent overwhelming health care facilities. Thankfully, the protocols have helped contain the spread of the virus, and many businesses reopened. However, business owners should hire disinfection services and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

When seeking COVID-19 commercial disinfection services, you need to understand what to expect from the professionals. Here is everything you might want to know. 

Pre-Assessment Visit 

Once you schedule an appointment with the disinfection company, they will likely inspect the scope of work before handing in a quotation for the services. Expect the professionals to walk through your business premises, noting the high traffic features that need more attention. 

They will walk you through their disinfection techniques that should align with CDC's guidelines. The experts could ask a few questions concerning additional preferences like areas that may need more attention during the disinfection process. 

Arrival and Preparation

During the disinfection session, the professionals expect you to have evacuated all staff and employees. You may want to schedule the disinfection sessions during off-business hours. They should arrive well-equipped with the disinfection tools and solutions. 

Before they begin, the cleaners should carry proper personal protective equipment to secure themselves against any lingering viruses. As such, it's important to remember cleaning services are different from disinfection services and require special equipment.

Standard Disinfection Services 

Generally, the standard approach of disinfecting a building involves starting with the high-traffic areas. Sections such as the waiting room, lavatories, doorknobs, front desk, sockets, keyboards, and sinks are notorious for accumulating germs, pathogens, and viruses. 

Fortunately, the professionals use advanced tools and disinfectants for high success rates. You could couple the disinfection and cleaning services to ensure safety and cleanliness simultaneously. Make the disinfection services regular, at least once or twice a day, depending on the traffic, to guarantee a healthy working environment. 

Ask Any Necessary Questions 

After understanding the COVID-19 commercial disinfection process, most professionals allow you to express concerns, ask questions, or request additional services. As questions and seek clarification before signing the contract if you need regular disinfection services. Ensure you can afford their services since this will be a continuous process. Make a schedule that the company can follow to avoid inconveniencing each other. 

When you work with the right professionals, you will minimize the risk of contracting coronavirus in your business premises. Your employees will improve their productivity and morale, and you are likely to reduce sick leaves. If you run a business, the above are some things to expect when you hire COVID-19 commercial disinfection services. For more information, contact a company like Ekwall Restoration & Building Services.