Waterproofing From The Start Before You Invest In Basement Remodeling

22 January 2021
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If your home is on a basement foundation, investing in remodeling to finish this space may be something you are planning. Before you begin with your investment in remodeling your basement, you need to address waterproofing issues. The following waterproofing solutions will address issues with water in basement foundations.

Start with a Plan for Basement Waterproofing

The basement waterproofing needs to start with a plan. You want to decide what needs to be done to update the foundation of your home. Some areas to consider when planning your basement waterproofing project include:

  • Drainage systems inside and outside of the foundation
  • Waterproofing sealants and textiles to prevent stress cracks
  • Repairs to existing foundation walls that have been damaged

The basement waterproofing plan will guide you through the improvements and installation of new systems that will protect your home. The plan should also include the repairs that need to be done to the foundation walls before you begin installing the new waterproofing.

Installing Impermeable Textile Materials

There are a lot of types of impermeable materials that can be installed with foundation waterproofing systems. These materials should be part of the base of the waterproofing and drainage systems. There are nylon materials that can be installed with the drain tiles and aggregates at the base of the foundation. This will help protect your foundation and the drain pipes from damage due to water and sediments.

Using Modern Waterproofing Sealants

There are also options for modern waterproofing sealants that you will want to consider. These sealants are silicone-based rather than an asphalt tar sealant. The modern silicone sealants provide your foundation with more durable waterproofing that will not dry out. These sealants will be less likely to crack, which is often where leaks in basements start.

Drainage and Textiles That Reduce Static Water Pressure

The drain systems installed with basement foundations are important. They are what keep excess water away and prevent static water pressure. In addition to the drain system, there are also waterproofing textile membranes that can be installed on your home. These textiles also help reduce static water pressure to prevent structural damage to your foundation, leading to waterproofing failures. These systems are essential to ensure static water pressure doesn't cause stress cracks that lead to water problems in your basement.

The right waterproofing and drainage systems will help keep your foundation dry after finishing your basement. Contact a waterproofing service for help dealing with these issues to ensure your basement stays dry.