5 Tips To Help With Water Damage Repairs And Identifying The Cause Of Problems That Need To Be Addressed

24 November 2019
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Often, the causes of water damage in homes are due to common mistakes that homeowners make. Sometimes, it can be due to DIY improvements and changing things like drainpipes that cause your home to become flooded when it rains. The following tips will help you with the water damage repairs and identifying the cause of the water problems in your home:

Finished Basements That Get Flooded When It Rains Due to Poor Drainage Outside

Finished basements are vulnerable to damage due to heavy rains and problems with drainage. This is often due to the downspouts of gutters being moved or other drain lines not being properly maintained. In addition, the sump pump system inside the basement also needs routine maintenance to ensure it does its job to protect your home from water damage. When your home has been damaged due to basement drainage problems, make sure that the drains are clear and carrying water away from your home to prevent serious damage.

Kitchen Water Problems and How You Can Prevent Them from Damaging Your Home

The kitchen is one of the areas that gets frequent use, and also has a lot of plumbing. Something as simple as a leaking hose to the ice maker of your refrigerator can cause serious water damage. There are also plumbing pipes beneath sinks that can leak and damage cabinetry when the problem goes unnoticed. Therefore, you want to routinely inspect these areas for water problems to have repairs done before problems get out of control. In addition, consider using a rubber mat beneath sink plumbing to protect cabinets from damage.

Issues with Crawl Space Foundations That Cause Standing Water and Mold in HVAC Ductwork

Crawl spaces are also foundations that are vulnerable to problems with moisture and water. One of the common problems in crawl spaces is moisture seeping up through the soil and causing the area beneath the structure to become flooded with standing water. This type of water problem can cause a lot of damage to materials in the crawl space, as well as lead to problems with mold growth in HVAC systems. If you have a problem with standing water in the basement, you will need a water damage restoration service to help with the removal of the water and repairing the damage that it has caused.

Catching Minor Water Problems in The Bathroom Before They Cause Serious Damage

The bathroom is an area of your home is an area where water and moisture are present. This means that bathrooms are also areas of your home that are the most vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, you want to make sure to routinely inspect for minor leaks and worn caulking around tubs and other materials. In addition, you want to make sure that your bathrooms have good ventilation to prevent problems with moisture and mold growth that starts as small spots of mildew.

Damage That Can Be Caused by Leaks of Exterior Finishes That Often Go Unnoticed and Unrepaired

The exterior finishes of your home include the roof and finishes on walls, such as brick, stucco or siding. It also includes windows and doors, as well as features like decks and patios. The problem with these areas is that leaks often go unnoticed and can lead to serious water damage inside your home. Therefore, you want to make sure to check areas like flashing, eaves and the caulking around window openings. Often, areas behind flashing at decks, patios, windows, and doors, are where serious water damage problems start.

These are some tips that will help you with the water damage repairs and identifying the problems that are causing water to get in your home. If your home has been damaged due to a minor mistake, contact a professional water damage repair service to help with repairs and get more advice on what you can do to prevent water issues in your home.