Four Signs Of A Hidden Plumbing Leak

4 September 2018
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Leaks are one of the most destructive plumbing problems that can face your home, especially since they can often go unnoticed for an extended period of time, allowing water damage to accumulate and spread. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with a hidden plumbing leak in your home can help make you more vigilant so that you can identify plumbing problems early before they become both costly and complicated to fix. 

Discoloration and Peeling

One of the first signs associated with a water leak somewhere behind the walls of your home is if you notice any sort of staining on your paint or wallpaper. Further exposure to moisture can cause your wallpaper and paint to begin to bubble, peel, or otherwise separate from the drywall behind it. Over time, this can turn into severe structural damage that undermines the integrity of your entire wall.

Mold Growth

Another common sign of a leak in your home that happens very quickly is the growth of mold and mildew in areas exposed to moisture. Mold growth can take the appearance of dirt stains but is much harder to scrub away and can sometimes take on other colors like green, white, and even orange. However, mold and mildew growth that happens behind the walls and ceilings of your home can still be easily noticed, due to the earthy and musty smell that it will create. The smell of mold will linger in your home no matter how much you clean and freshen up, and mold poses a serious health hazard, as mold spores can aggravate respiratory health conditions.

Odd Noises

Another fairly common sign that your plumbing has failed somewhere within your home is if you notice the sound of running water in a room that does not have a faucet on. Depending on your water pressure, a leak may also make a ticking sound or something similar. Further, a leak may also allow air into your pipes, which can take the form of sputtering or spitting when you turn the taps or faucets on anywhere else in your home.

Rising Utilities

Finally, the last sign that you have a water leak in your home is if you notice that your water usage has gone up without a change in your water habits over the course of a month. Even relatively small increases can point to a hidden leak somewhere in your home, so you should contact a plumbing professional straight away if you notice that your bill has inexplicably risen.

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