5 Steps To Take After A Broken Pipe Floods Your Home

3 May 2016
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When a pipe breaks in your home, it can cause a lot of damage fast. If you are at home you can act quickly to stop the flooding, but if the pipe breaks while you are away from the house you can end up walking into a disaster area. It is essential to do several things after a flood to minimize long term damage and ensure that you can file a claim with your homeowners insurance company. If you walk into a flood in your home, take the following steps:

Immediately Turn Off the Water Main

As soon as you realize that a pipe has broken and is flooding your house, it is essential to immediately turn off the water. If the flood is severe and there are several inches of water on the floor, it is also a good idea to disconnect power to your home to prevent any electrical accidents.

Photograph the Area

Before any cleanup starts, you should take several photos of the area to document the damage caused by the flood. These photos will be included with your insurance claim so the insurance company can assess the full extent of the damage. If you fail to document the damage before you begin cleaning up, there is a chance that you will not receive as much as your claim is actually worth.

Call Your Insurance Company

After a flood in your home, it is in your best interest to call your insurance company as quickly as possible to get the claim process started. The faster you do this, the sooner you will receive your money to help cover the cost of cleanup and repairs. 

Contact a Water Damage Repair Company

Getting the water cleaned up quickly can help reduce the extent of damage from the flood, and also help prevent mold from growing in your home. Your best bet is to contact a water damage repair company, such as Minnesota  Disaster Restoration Services, to assist you with the cleanup. These types of companies have specialized pumps and wet vacs that can remove water quickly, and many also use powerful de-humidifiers to dry out the flooded area and help inhibit mold growth. If your carpeting has been damaged beyond repair, a water damage repair company can remove it for you.

Get Bids for Repairs

After your house has been dried out, it will be time to get bids for repairs to damaged flooring and dry wall. Speak to your insurance company before starting this process, as they may be able to give you valuable advice about who to hire and what the repairs should cost.